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Baby Ring Sling Pouch - Cozyland

Babies can be carried in a sling as soon as they are born - in fact, the sooner the better as they will already be missing the warmth, movement and comfort of their mothers womb. There are a number of ways you can wear your baby in a Pouchlings ring-sling but these are divided into two main categories: "newborn holds" and "toddler holds". For all the "newborn holds" it is essential that you pull the back edge of the fabric up against your body to form a pouch into which your baby is laid as though in a hammock. "Toddler holds" don't need the fabric to be folded in the same way as invariably the older child won't be completely enclosed in the fabric.

Using your sling will soon become second nature, although it might take a bit of practice to begin with to get it right. (It helps to start with a happy baby who is well-fed and well-rested!)

The Pouchlings sling can be worn on either shoulder. These instructions are for wearing the sling on the left shoulder so just reverse the instructions if you prefer to wear it on the right.

General Rules

The higher and tighter the baby is carried in the sling, the more secure they will be and the lighter they will feel. Always begin by taking the weight of the baby in one arm, pull on the whole of the tail to get the general positioning right. Then pull on either the front or back hem to take up the corresponding slack To loosen or remove the sling, (hold the baby) lift the bottom ring over the top ring. The weight of the baby will make the fabric slip through the rings so always hold the baby when you do this.

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