Jumat, 26 Desember 2008

Transformers Movie Voyager - Rescue Ratchet

Sold Out

Vanity is not a fault from which AUTOBOT RATCHET typically suffers. He is more concerned with saving the lives of his fellow AUTOBOTS than with what they think about him. Hes never paid much attention to the decorations adorning his vehicle mode. However, after discovering the tendency for human rescue vehicles to be decorated in certain ways, he started paying more attention to his appearance. His new paint job helps him fit in, and allows him to help more humans and AUTOBOTS than ever before. Plus, these new decorations just seem more natural somehow. AUTOBOT robot-to-vehicle figure features an AUTOMORPH forearm cannon and a hidden axe in robot mode. A twist here and a turn there and this robot figure converts into Hummer H2 vehicle mode with roof rack that can be used as a shield or a combat stretcher!

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