Jumat, 26 Desember 2008

Transformers Movie Voyager Thundercracker

Sold Out

THUNDERCRACKER lives on fear. Special materials in his vehicle body allow him to emit controlled sonic detonations that can be heard 200 miles away. Cruising along at Mach 6, he wants his enemies to hear him before they see him. He wants them to know hes coming, and cower in fear at their impending doom. Not as devoted to the recovery of the AllSpark as the other DECEPTICONS, he stays with MEGATRON because the evil leader allows him to indulge his chaotic tendencies.DECEPTICON robot-to-vehicle figure features missile launchers that attach to its arms in robot mode. A twist here and a turn there and this robot figure converts into an F-22 Raptor vehicle mode with six firing missiles! Ages 5 and up.

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