Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Junior Body Pillow Cozyland

Junior Body Pillow can improve your child's sleep quality as well, provides great health benefits, to promote proper spiral alignment by maintaining equal support for your child's hips and shoulders as they move from one sleeping position to another. This targeted support helps to eliminate nightly tension and improve their muscular relaxation, blood flow, and sustained deep sleep. Junior Body Pillow for kids is perfectly designed to fit the smaller bodies of children ages 3 - 12.

Product Features :
- Designed to improve your child's sleep
- Enhances muscular relaxation
- Promotes proper spinal alignment
- Minimizes pillow repositioning throughout the night
- Reduces head, neck and back strain
- Ideal for children 2 to 12 years
- Not Recommended for Children under 2 years
- Measure 27 x 112 cm
- Inside 100% new polyester fiber
- Cover cotton 100%, washable
- Machine washable

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