Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Twilight Sea Turtle Constellation Night Light

Imagine being able to look up at a sea of stars every night and being able to drift into a peaceful sleep knowing that you are a part of an amazing world. That would be a very precious gift. The Twilight Sea Turtle allows you to give that gift to a special child in your life every night.

Twilight Sea TurtleWinner of the 2008 Creative Child Magazine Top Choice of the Year award, The Twilight Sea Turtle works on many levels. Not only is it a magical soothing nightlight, that glows in 3 different colours, blue, green and amber – its shell features five endangered sea creatures – the Blue Whale, Californian Sea Otter, Knyana Seahorse, Leatherback Turtle and Vaquita Dolphin.

Featuring a 45 minute sleep timer, it calms, soothes, educates and adds magic to any child's room – whether your little one happens to be a 2 year old tot or a 45 year old marine biologist.

The Twilight Sea Turtle not only transforms a room into a starry night sky, it turns bedtime into the most magical part of the day.This fun and educational nightlight is designed to help children sleep easier and also help bring awareness to endangered sea animals.

Twilight Sea Turtle Features:
• Full night sky projection on any ceiling with 8 actual star constellations
- "Twilight Sea Turtle Star Guide" to help find and recognize the constellations
- 3 soothing star color options: Blue, Green and Amber
- Automatic battery saving time-out after 45 minutes
- Easy push button reactivation.
- With out Storybook
- Product dimensions: 10 x 35.5 x 23 cm
- 3 "AAA" batteries ( not included )
- Shipping dimension : 11 x 36 x 21 cm = volum. 2 kg

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